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“It has been a delightful experience of printing with Kaleido Graphics. Blend of experienced and young dynamic team takes care of your burdens once you submit the assignment for print. I love their service and promptness !!”
Mamta Bhatt, Author
"Without the good consultancy and support of Kaleido Graphics we would never have been able to produce a calendar like this. I wasn’t even aware of running and managing projects in India, but with the help of electronic media and the friendly and endearing Indian nature, everything was made possible, for which I would like to cordially thank Kaleido Graphics."
Johannes Soehner, President and youth referee, of Ev. Jugendwerk Boeblingen + Chairman of Stadtjugendring Boeblingen, Germany
“How do you write about someone, who you meet only for professional purposes, but develop a relationship which establishes itself also into an intimate, personal & friendly association. Ajivasan, our music institute in Mumbai, has been publishing a number of books on music since a long time. During our journey, we came across many printers, who helped us, guided us. And then Mrs. & Mr. Virkar happened to us!!
Mrs. Medha Virkar approached us to find & assess our needs for music publications. They had printed quite a few books on music before meeting us. I explained to her that we use a special Hindi font & a unique music notation- system both in Hindi & English, developed by one of our students, Vishal Ailawadhi from Los Angeles, USA.
The rest of the normal process started. The testing ground was trying but attainable. We proceeded & were ready for our first publication. BUT, in the meanwhile, Medhaji gave us various creative & imaginative suggestions to turn the book into a work of ART. The size, the paper, the font size, the cover pages, extra plain pages for students' personal notes - in short, everything that mattered. Both of them visited us several times & we visited their office to proof read & to suggest some different working on the book. The dummy was presented, and we must say that it looked really good. They never got tired of the manifold copies they had to give us for proof reading time and again.
I had never come across anyone taking such sincere efforts, treating our assignment as their own, personal creation. The whole experience has been overwhelming - from the first book in Hindi to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th book. The same followed for the English versions. Now, the 2nd & 3rd editions of 1st - 3rd book are in the offing.
We have found a home for our publications. We are & will remain deeply indebted to Medhaji & Sriji for keeping our targets in mind and complying without complain. We now turn only & only to Kaleido Graphics for each & every printing job of Ajivasan."
Suresh Wadkar & Prem Vasant, Founders of Ajivasan Music Academy
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